A Salute To Columbus (Glen)

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This time next week Julie and I will be in Barcelona, Spain—the culmination of a year’s worth of planning and work. But, before this blog becomes all things Barcelona, there is something we need to say about our fair city, Columbus, Ohio.

In addition to living here, Julie and I have lived together in Cincinnati OH, Kettering OH, Hockessin DE, Cardiff Wales, Centerburg OH, and Jacksonville FL. We keep coming back to Columbus. We love this city. So as a tribute, we thought we would not say, “Goodbye”; rather we’ll just say, “Hasta la vista”.

In addition to family and friends who we will miss greatly, here are some of our favorite Columbus things that we’ll also miss. Our salute to Columbus. We give you our our blessing to enjoy them fully while we’re away.

Our favorite neighborhood: Bexley. There are a million reasons we love Bexley. No possible way to list them all here. For those of you who don’t know, Bexley is a little town surrounded by the city of Columbus. It is officially classified as an arboretum. bexley.org

Our favorite specialty grocery store: Weilands (Clintonville). World’s best smoked beef brisket. There is no debate on this. weilandsmarket.com

Our favorite artsy / cool / people watching area: Short North. When people ask me what they can do in downtown Columbus, I say, “Don’t go downtown, go to the Short North. It’s all happening in Short North.”  shortnorth.org

Our favorite restaurant: Giuseppe’s (Bexley). Feels like family…if your family is really cool and makes incredible Italian food. The Rolling Stones ate there when they came to Columbus on tour. giuseppesritrovo.com

Our favorite bakery: Fox in the Snow Cafe (Italian Village). Do yourself a favor and order the biscuit with raspberry jam (it’s not a biscuit the way you’re thinking about a biscuit). Everything is good. foxinthesnow.com

Glen’s favorite beer: Land Grant Stiff-Arm IPA (Franklinton). Brewed locally. Hoppy. Delicious. landgrantbrewing.com

Our favorite place to watch movies: The Drexel Theatre (Bexley). Only three theatres. Indie movies. drexel.net

Our favorite place to walk: Any of the Metroparks (Columbus). Thank you Mayor Michael B Coleman for the Metroparks. You were an awesome Mayor who loved our city. metroparks.net

Our favorite fried chicken: Hot Chicken Takeover (North Market). The best fried chicken you will ever eat. Varying levels of heat. Enjoy it on their picnic tables with a large glass of sweet tea.  hotchickentakeover.com

Our favorite farmers market: Clintonville Farmers Market. It’s authentic. clintonvillefarmersmarket.org

Our favorite guilty pleasure: White Castle. We actually ate a few sliders last night. For some reason we associate them with the holidays. whitecastle.com

Our favorite sports watching activity (tie): Ohio State Buckeyes and the John R Jenkins Family reunion basketball tournament. Both equally fierce in competition.


Family, Friends and Columbus, you will ALL be loved and missed.


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