First Impressions – Muy Bueno! (Glen)

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Our apartment (for this first month) is in the Barcelona neighborhood of Sant Antoni.

Sant Antoni is hip and cool and a little gritty and dodgy at the same time.  For our Columbus friends, think South Clintonville or Old Towne East. There’s graffiti on the walls, but we like to think of that as a medium for brilliant but struggling artists.


We’ve only been here a few days but its already beginning to feel like home. Isn’t it crazy how you can get attached to a neighborhood when you walk the streets, make a couple of trips to the local panaderia (Spanish for bakery) to buy a baguette; and the mercat (Catalan for market) for cheese, wine and fruit. Somehow they are no longer just streets, or a bakery or a market, but they are your streets, your bakery and your market.

And, we have an elementary school and church that is literally in our courtyard.  See the little video. We hear the bells for mass ring and the children play at recess. Noisy and raucous, but also full of life.

Seriously, this place is great. We won’t be able to stay in this apartment for the full year, it’s not big enough to accommodate guests, but it was a great launching point into Barcelona. Here are a few short videos to enjoy. More to come.





  1. DC to Barcelona says

    I just returned from a year in Barcelona. It was an amazing journey and you will LOVE IT! If I can help you in anyway please don’t hesitate to reach out! First piece of advice, start Catalan lessons ASAP! The ayuntamiento offers for free and it will make a huge difference in your experience. Second thing to do is visit and join Fintan’s weekly tastings!


  2. Enric says

    Enjoy Barcelona! We are pleased to have been your choice. BCN is a small city, don’t hesitate to contact for any request.


  3. Judith says

    After having read your blog, I believe Barcelona is a perfect city to start from scratch and be able to learn a new culture, language and lovely people. The weather is definitely a plus. Being from Barcelona myself (currently living in Boston for 4 months) what I definitely miss the most is the amazing mediterranean atmosphere on the street at night. I hope you enjoy it all and have an amazing time!


  4. Larry Loeppke says

    By some coincidence, your LinkedIn post got shared with me there. I’ll be following you here, since my wife and I are headed to Barcelona, Valencia, and environs for three weeks to scout a location for the same adventure you have embarked upon. We lived in Columbus some years ago and loved it there, as well. Your descriptions of this area are very helpful. I applaud your decision to get off-track for a while.


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