Apartment Found, but the Re-Booting is Still in Progress (Glen)

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img_5311It’s been a month since I resigned my job at Huntington Bank.

That action struck a nerve with a lot of folks on LinkedIn. I’ve been getting lots of connection requests and lots of comments. By far, the most prevalent sentiment is a desire to do the same thing: “re-boot” the brain. Re-boot, you know, like when you shut down your computer, unplug it, and take out the battery. Then, you put the battery back in, plug it back into the wall, and turn it on. I once asked an IT guy why re-booting works. He said that he wasn’t sure, but it often does. Maybe it has something to do with letting the software updates that are stuck in the queue download.

And, that’s what I wanted – unsticking stuff from the mental queue. Like most people, throughout my career, I’ve been prone to stew, fret, and obsess about whatever I was working on: a new project, a big deliverable, performance goals…if I had responsibility for it, I would think a lot about it. In a weird way, that worked for me. Often, new ideas would come when I was outside of the workplace. A little pattern developed.

So now that I’ve been away from my job for a month, one might think, “what’s there to fret about?” As it turns out, rather than letting go of my proclivity to stew, fret, and obsess about work, I merely transferred that energy to our activities in Barcelona.

1)    Job 1:  Find a more permanent place to live. We found an awesome place, but to get it, we needed a Spanish Bank Account. Then, we needed to wire a year’s worth of rent from our account in the States to the new Spanish Bank account. Oh, and we had about a week to do all of this. Now, I knew from my banking experience that wiring large sums of money while abroad would raise a red flag. I was in marketing and corporate communications, and I still had to take Anti Money Laundering training every year. In today’s world, money moving internationally is a big deal. Sure enough, our wire was stopped by our bank (this was not Huntington) and our online access to our account was blocked.

2)    Job 2: Find a more permanent place to live. We got the wire issue cleared up and moved the rental money into our Spanish account. The next thing Julie and I began to fret about was the commitment of signing a year’s lease. As we have said all along, this year is a journey, who knows where it might take us. Do we really want to commit to a year’s lease in the same place? But, the real estate agent assured us that a year would be the minimum length of lease.

So, after much discussion, we decided to tell our real estate agent that we were going to pass on the apartment. Guess what? Our real estate agent called the owner of the apartment and she agreed to rent it to us for six months, with the possibility of extending it! See pics attached. We’ll post a video in the next few days. It’s a wonderful place right on Barcelona’s Port Vell Harbor. Yes, we can see the Mediterranean from our balcony. Julie and I are really happy about the location and the layout of the apartment.

So, in a moment of self-reflection from an angst-filled week, I realize that I’ve not yet completely “turned-off”, unplugged and pulled out the battery. My re-booting is still in progress. Merely shifting my focus to things here and treating them like I did at work is not going to yield the results I want. That’s important to realize, because life has a habit of bringing the unexpected. The good news is that I’m only a month in and there’s still time for me to relax and figure out the next step.



  1. Debbie Cheeseman Kayse says

    Glen, I just love your writing and so appreciate your sharing the journey with all of us. Your analogy of rebooting a computer to that of rebooting our mental software is a point to ponder. I just need to find the right button to reboot mine. 😏
    I am so happy for you and Julie! The way that the apartment situation worked out had to have the hand of God in it. I daresay the view from the balcony will certainly aid your reboot!
    Hola to Julie and carry on.


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  2. DC to BCN says

    Congrats!! This is a HUGE accomplishment! I used to joke that while everyone thought that I was spending relaxing days sipping coffee or wine at a cafe on the Med, I was actually running from bank to government office to apartment appointments in a quest to procure housing and money while in country! If you have both of these things then you must also have your NIE! 😉


  3. Two things, my friend:

    1. ‘Tis the season for AML/BSA training; funny you were thinking/living the training around the same time.
    2. That question for the IT guy…great way to fill that awkward silence when waiting for your computer to reboot 🙂

    As you sip some Land Grant Stiff-Arm IPA (if you carried any with you) and eat some ham while while looking out at the Mediterranean, turn up the volume on your favorite Beethoven piece and imagine that’s the sound your computer makes when it turns back on after the reboot.

    Hasta la vista, amigo!


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