Almost 4000 Miles Apart, but We’re Both on the Med (Julie)

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In the wee hours of Monday Morning, I will be taking a taxi to the Barcelona airport, getting on a plane, and heading to Tel Aviv (via Istanbul).  Glen and I will both be on the same body of water, the Mediterranean Sea, but separated by about 4000 miles.

This trip was actually something that was planned while we were still in the States. My yoga instructor, Shelly, who is Jewish, shared that she would be attending Women’s Reconnection Mission in Israel and there were openings if anyone was interested.  I was interested but reticent because, well, I’m not Jewish!  She assured me I would be entirely welcome.  The seminar topics are geared for women of my age and life stage.   Like our move to Barcelona, this will be new territory for me.  A tad anxious but mostly excited.  I shall share more when I return!  Shalom!


  1. Wow! Girl! You may be the bravest person I know. With all the strife going on in that part of the world I will be praying for a safe flight and a safe trip.Will be anxious to see pictures of this journey.
    Aunt Barb

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