Advent – Barcelona Style (Glen)

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Bon Nadal!

It’s the first Sunday of advent.

And, in the spirit of Bon Nadal (Catalan for Good Christmas) we thought we’d share a little of what we’re up to as we wander about the great city of Barcelona.



Saturday (26 Nov 2016):  Christmas Fete at St. George’s Church

Julie and I volunteered at the St. George’s Christmas fete (fair). We sold books in the book stall. It was very fun. The Christmas fete was opened by the head of the British Consulate in Barcelona. There were homemade Christmas cakes and jams, yummy food, books, plants, traditional British foods, and portraits. There was also floppy dogs and drinking wine Catalan style (see video clip of Julie).

Sunday (27 Nov 2016): Barcelona Cathedral

Julie and I walked around all of the Christmas stalls set up in front of the large cathedral in the center of Barcelona.  By far, the most prevalent items were the little figurines you could buy to create your own nativity.  Let me put it this way, and this is not hyperbole, if you can’t find the specific thing you need for your Christmas nativity in this place, it doesn’t exist.

In addition to all of the little figurines for your Christmas nativity, there was an abundance of Tio de Nadal.  (A log that looks a little like Brutus Buckeye). If you want a laugh sometime, check it out on Wikipedia…pooping Christmas log, who knew?










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