Reading, Art, and Learning Spanish (Glen)

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The holidays for Julie and I—like everyone else—were filled with travel, connecting with family, and celebrating.  An added benefit of living in Barcelona was that we got to experience some unique holiday events: Handel’s Messiah performed in Santa Maria del Mar cathedral, the outdoor Christmas markets, and the three kings parade.

As you probably noticed, in January we paused our blogging. We were in Nashville with our children over Christmas week, and Julie stayed on a bit longer to enjoy some time with Carly.

Julie has devoted a lot of time to reading. Here’s what she’s read—an incredible list! The Divine Dance and Immortal Diamond (Richard Rohr); The Seven Storey Mountain   (Thomas Merton), God Winked (Sara Rigler), Poems from the Heart of Yoga – Go In and In (Danna Faulds), Wrestling with Yoga (Shelly Dembe), Road to Resilience (Sherri Mandell), A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Betty Smith), Land Twice Promised (Noa Baum), and Revelations of Divine Love (Julian of Norwich). Yes, I am married to the most well-read woman in the world!

In December, I began taking art lessons with Jorge Segura Nunez. I’m learning how to sketch and paint with oils. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Jorge is 85 years old and is a great artist. He’s exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, London, and New York.

I can tell when he’s not happy with my technique, because he breaks into rapid-fire Spanish and takes my pencil away from me. Here are few of my early works.  The oil painting of the fruit is one I am working on now (the image on the left is by another artist, the image on the right is my version). I’m just starting out and there’s much to learn!

I also enrolled in immersive Spanish language courses and have completed five weeks. I’m the only student from America (Estados Unidos) in the class. The other students are from Europe and in their 20s and 30s. This is not an exaggeration: everyone of them already knows at least two or three other languages. There are times when I feel like I don’t have a clue what’s going on, and other times when I think I’m getting it. I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere.


  1. Lezlee Knowles says

    Your journey these past months inspires, expands and thrills us! Thank you for showing us how to live and how to love.


  2. Glen, you never cease to amaze me! Too bad it’s taken so long for this latent talent to show itself. Keep up the good work sweetie. We look forward to seeing more.
    Hugs and kisses for all,
    Aunt Babs


    • Thanks Aunt Babs. Alan said Uncle Dick would be proud. We have artists in the family.
      Julie says “Hi” and we look forward to seeing you soon.

      Love, Glen


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