Carly Takes Barcelona (Carly)

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This week we have a guest contributor to our blog… our daughter Carly.

I would like to start by thanking Dad and Mom for allowing me to be a guest contributor on their blog this week, such an honor.  A week ago today, I arrived in Barcelona and it has quickly taken hold of my heart.


I’ll admit that jet-lag accompanied by sickness kept me somewhat close to home the first several days. But when your view overlooks a pier showcasing a Russian billionaires yacht, can one really be too disappointed? (See pic of my view below)

For those of you who know me well you are aware that directions and names of places are far from my strong suit. From a young age, I remember my dad writing down directions to get me to the most basic places in my hometown of Columbus, OH. This was before iPhones came equipped with the Google Maps app, and praise be to Yahweh for that.

I remember first traveling to Barcelona for a school trip my Junior year of high school. We only stayed for a few days and, you guessed it, I couldn’t remember the places we visited. Though I probably should work on my inner-compass I do remember one thing very easily, my feelings. And Barcelona has this electric feel that leaves a lasting impression on those who wander her streets.

I’ve taken to running by the beach in the mornings, I still hate running but it does seem more tolerable by the Mediterranean sea. I love walking everywhere with my parents seeing the city hustle and bustle all around us. People are much freer here to touch, stand close, drive close, and talk animatedly. The city is both fast where it needs to be and slow when you want it to be.

Yes, it is only my first week but possibly what I love most about Barcelona is that the city takes you in as though you’ve lived here all your life.

Until Next Time, Carly



  1. Cousin Mark says

    This isn’t one of those FBI relocation deals you hear about…whole family changes their names, moves far away?


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