“Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso. (Carly)

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(This is the second blog installment from our daughter, Carly.  Enjoy!)

Several of my favorite artists have come from Spain; Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, El Greco, Glen Zehr, to skim the surface. We decided to buy a museum ‘passport’ allowing us to visit 6 museums for $30 dollars! I honestly think we set the bar too high by visiting the Picasso museum first. How can you compete with his sweeping array of styles, subject matter and genius?

Showcased in the museum are over 4,000 of his paintings, sketches, and sculptures. What I love most about Pablo (we’re on a first name basis now) is that he drew primarily from three vantage points: his world around him, marginalized people groups, and his family. Evident in his work is both a familiarity with and discomfort in the suffering he witnessed in his world.

Another young, budding artist is my Dad.  I’ve loved seeing his progress over these months. Once a week he takes art lessons from Jorge a loving, but demanding artist. Jorge is adamant that my Dad learn how to draw before he learns how to paint. Months later my dad is developing his sense of style that I am sure will continue to evolve over the years. My dad’s subject matter has primarily been his world around him and his family, not unlike Picasso.

Here are the paintings my Dad did of my brothers, Connor and Clinton, and myself.  I’m not sure why he painted them as butlers. He captured me at Wild Love Bakery with a pie.

Stay young and stay an artist!


  1. Mark Haines says

    Very cool Carly. Amazing journey for you and the rents, very very cool. Listen, when nobody’s looking put your dad’s best painting on a wall with some of Pablo’s and snap a pic. Hug your mum & dad dear Love, Mark.


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