I want to be well-read (Carly)

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(This is the third and final installment from our daughter, and guest writer, Carly Zehr)

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only a page.”   – Saint Augustine.

My month in Spain has had a lasting impact on my personal story. I came to Spain from a place of weariness and questioning, not unusual for someone in their twenties. I experienced some difficult transitions leading up to my month abroad and the more people asked if I was ‘ready to leave’ the more I doubted that I was.

Opening myself up to this time of self-reflection and quietness has transformed me into a person with vision and excitement. Spain taught me to walk to my destinations, both mental and physical. And though I will miss the sea and the mountains as my constant companions, I am ready to return to my little mountain town in Tennessee.

Cooking Class with a Market Visit

Interesting and Crazy Art Everywhere

Great Food

Good Times in the City






  1. Jana Zaffini says

    Carly, I have so enjoyed following your trip to Barcelona! Welcome back 😊🍀


  2. Lezlee Knowles says

    Dear Carly,
    We are amazed at your artistic and written ability to capture the sights, feelings, and insights of this month-long adventure. Your memories will last a lifetime…for you and your folks! What a sweet gift you are to them, and to us!

    Welcome back to the states! We love you…Jeff and Lezlee


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