Month: July 2017

Morocco is Everything

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Why Morocco?  We’ve been asked by several folks, “Why are you going to Morocco?”.  There are many reasons: We’ve never been to Africa and we’ve always wanted to go We had heard about Morocco from many different people, and everyone who’s been there highly recommends it Morocco is right on Spain’s doorstep And, as we are experiencing Spain, going to Morocco makes sense. After all, Morocco is the home to the Berbers (once called “Moors”), […]

My Brain Re-Boot (Glen)

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My personal life lessons from leaving a great job to live a year abroad.   About two years ago…I decided that I needed to quit a great job at a great company and take an “adult gap year”. Risky? You bet. What could have possibly compelled me to take such a gamble? It’s best summarized by this idea: If you want something you’ve never had before, you must do something you’ve never done before. I’ve […]