Morocco is Everything

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Why Morocco? 

We’ve been asked by several folks, “Why are you going to Morocco?”.  There are many reasons:

  • We’ve never been to Africa and we’ve always wanted to go
  • We had heard about Morocco from many different people, and everyone who’s been there highly recommends it
  • Morocco is right on Spain’s doorstep
  • And, as we are experiencing Spain, going to Morocco makes sense. After all, Morocco is the home to the Berbers (once called “Moors”), and historically they had a huge influence on Spain

So, we’ve now been in Morocco for the last three weeks.  We’ve used Marrakech as our home base, and have visited Casablanca (on the Atlantic), the Atlas Mountains, and the Sahara Dessert.

How do we describe Morocco? 

Morocco is everything. That’s how we describe it. We’re not alone in this opinion. We’ve met a number of Moroccans who describe it exactly the same way. Morocco is everything. It’s a country possessing contradictions and harmony at the same time. It is a marvel.

Our blog can’t do it justice, but here are a few of our observations of Morocco along with a few pics.

  • Ocean, and Desert, and Mountains – within a day drive.
  • Muslim, and Christian, and Jew – living together.
  • Arabic, and Berber, and French – spoken interchangeably.
  • Modern cities, and ancient medinas, and tiny villages – each with its own charm
  • Colossal minarets, city minarets, very small village minarets – calling for prayer at the same time every day.
  • Children playing the in park and working and begging – alongside adults who are doing the same.
  • Donkeys, and bicycles, and scooters, and luxury cars—all driving down the same road
  • Being scrubbed in a Hamman baths, and then massages, and then drinking mint tea – a practice we could get used to!
  • Shopping malls, and souks in narrow passageways, and market day in the city square
  • Mountain waterfalls, and dry river beds, and oases in the desert.
  • Date palm trees, and olive trees, and cypress forests
  • Luxurious Riads, and collapsing sandcastle kasbahs, and golf-course condos
  • Camels, and goats, and sheep
  • Prickly pear cactus fruit, and melon, and grapes
  • Tajine, and couscous, and Moroccan salad
  • Mint tea, and bottled water, and pricey cocktails
  • Monarchy, and civil government, and citizens who love both equally
  • Spices of every color, and rugs of every color, and people of every color
  • Women covered from head to toe, and women covered with very little, and both walking side by side talking
  • New roads, and new building everywhere – much of which is happening in anticipation of future demand.
  • Tourist gimmicks (monkey photo opportunities), and big movie studios, and cultured museums
  • Haggling for prices, not knowing how much to tip, and being greeting with a smile no matter what.

And all of that seems to fit perfectly into this small country. I’m sure we haven’t done it justice, but we have truly enjoyed the experience.


  1. Wow, what a country! Seems like you can experience everything there (except maybe snow). And it looks like you experienced everything Morocco has to offer. Would’ve loved to have seen some photos of you guys wearing fezzes.


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