Month: August 2017

Returning (Glen)

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Packing Up Julie and I just completed our suitcase packing trial-run. We came to Spain with one suitcase each, and yes, we’re heading home with one suitcase each. A lot has been acquired, and a lot has been left behind (literally and figuratively). This year has given us so much more than can be packed into a hard-shell suitcase. There’s no way to summarize our experiences: extravagant, varied, challenging, delightful…in short, they exceed the capacity […]

Bitter and Sweet (Glen)

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Barcelona on August 20, 2017. When terrorism happens, it’s scary, heartbreaking, traumatic, confusing, and angering. Julie and I were not in Barcelona when a man drove a van down Las Ramblas; we were visiting London. Las Ramblas is the famous street that leads down to the Mediterranean Sea. It is always packed with people. Watching the news coverage about the event was very surreal. The area where the attack began was Plaza Catalunya. We walk […]

Castellers in Barcelona (Glen)

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Julie and I were walking out in the main square in front of the Barcelona Cathedral this morning and came upon a classic Catalan tradition: castlellers. Check out the video: the stronger and more stable lift up the smaller and weaker, and together they reach great heights. It makes me think that this could be a great illustration of how society should work.