Returning (Glen)

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Packing Up

Julie and I just completed our suitcase packing trial-run. We came to Spain with one suitcase each, and yes, we’re heading home with one suitcase each. A lot has been acquired, and a lot has been left behind (literally and figuratively). This year has given us so much more than can be packed into a hard-shell suitcase. There’s no way to summarize our experiences: extravagant, varied, challenging, delightful…in short, they exceed the capacity of simple words to describe them accurately.

I think the best I can do is summed up by an elderly woman we met at The Royal Albert Hall in London. As Julie and I were waiting for the concert to begin, she came up to us and said, “Aren’t we fortunate to be here?” Our answer was, “Yes, yes we are.” The same sentiment applies to this year. We know that we are incredibly fortunate to have been here.

What’s Next

We’re flying back to the States this week, and will spend a little while re-acclimating to the time zone and culture. I’ve already started networking and have had some good conversations with very good firms. While we’ll initially land in Columbus, Julie and I are open to other locations. Our next, and most likely last On the Journey blog will be letting you know where we finally end up.

Thank you

 First, thank you to Carly, Connor, and Clinton. Our gracious children were partners in this adventure. They not only surrendered easy access to their parents for a year, but they also came over to visit and shared in our excitement. We’re anxious to see them again.

Second, thank you all for following along in our journey. Julie and I enjoyed your comments, encouragement, and active participation in this year.

Third, thank you Spain. It seems like every week gave us something new. There was always a festival or celebration to enjoy. Check out the dragon dance of San Jordi (Saint George).


  1. It has been a real pleasure to vicariously enjoy your journey. Thank you both for being willing to share your adventure by “bringing us along” by way of your blog. Every post has been fun to read. Glad to hear that life’s next phase is taking shape.

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  2. Kourtney Dewald says

    What a great trip, Glen!
    Good luck with your journey home. I’m looking forward to what you will do next!


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