We’re Glen and Julie Zehr.  We met in college. Fell in love. Got married. Had three beautiful children: Carly, Connor, and Clint. And, we’ve been on a wonderful journey together for 33 years.  Thanks for joining us in this latest adventure.  We’re not sure what’s going to happen, or how it will change us, but hey, that’s what makes it exciting.2016 July 3_Family


  1. Marguerite says

    Hi there! I happened upon a post about this on LinkedIn, and – while I do not know you all personally – it made me so happy to read about your journey! I am only 28, but sometimes it seems like there is not much adventure to look forward to in life when you are too busy going from cubicle to car to calculating credit card payments. I like my job, and I love my life for the most part, but I have to say that seeing real people do things like this – something exciting and different and possible – makes adventure seem possible again. Have an absolutely amazing time! Sending good wishes from Dayton, Ohio!


  2. My friend shared your post with me on LinkedIn because this is exactly what I want to do, although I’d be doing it all alone. I’d love to connect and get more information about how long it took you to plan, etc. Also, I am concerned that Barcelona is not the most ideal place to immerse myself in Spanish since, even though everyone speaks Spanish, most of the signs are in Catalan especially as you get further away from Barcelona. I do have family out there though, and I love the city, so it is still my #1 choice.


    • Hi L – You’re right in your assessment about Barcelona and Catalan, but everyone we’ve talked to (including people who have lived in Barcelona for years), and our own experience so far, is that Spanish is the wise choice for language learning. That’s the language that we’re planning to learn. Best of luck.


      • I agree, I am looking into Spanish speaking schools and I definitely want to learn Spanish which is why I was concerned seeing signs in Catalan may throw me off, but we’ll see 🙂 Thank you!


  3. Hola – I’m John and I write guides on a voluntary basis for the Confraternity of Saint James in the UK. I have prepared a new edition of my booklet: Preparing for the Camino Frances. I’d like to use an extract from your blog. Could you e mail me please and I’ll send you what I propose to use. Thanks John


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